EHR details.

This electronic health records (EHR) software was developed by solo primary care physician to improve efficiency of note taking, office flow and submission of electronic or paper claims to health insurances. EHR is designed either for solo practitioner or small, 5 or less primary or urgent care providers. The main goal of EHR development was to make documentation as fast and as easy as possible, so as you know it can’t be Medicare compliant by definition. It was built to suite the needs of the provider not the bureaucracies who has no practical understanding of what is important in provider’s daily clinic work.

The EHR is not cloud based, it is a desktop application that can run on premises, either on dedicated server or main computer with other computers – desktops or laptops connected either via ethernet cable or wi fi. It is platform independent and can run on windows or mac operating systems. It is comprehensive, it includes not only medical records but also practice management. Claims created automatically “under the hood” when note is signed. Claims grouped by insurances into files and files uploaded to insurance or clearing house server. Remittances downloaded to EHR and patients balances updated during this process. There is an option to create a paper, 1500 claim as well. Patients balances are color flagged on main page.

If you are interested to try out our electronic health record, please contact us via email: or telephone: (256) 325-0480. EHR cost currently $250, for unlimited number of users. Tech support subscription monthly fee $150, that will include remote help with installation and initial setup of the system, employees training how to use EHR, updates and any issues resolution during software use.